TLC Online Plus Tutoring

Expert, customized tutoring provided by local tutors

TLC Online Plus Tutoring provides individualized 1:1 tutoring services. With families, as a team, we create a unique plan for optimal learning. We stand out from others with our flexibility and expertise in learning differences.

If you need skilled tutoring, but struggle to find the time to drive to a tutoring center, TLC Online Plus Tutoring will provide an integrated approach to tutoring, while increasing convenience and accessibility. We know that one size does not fit all, and this provides a convenient option for our tutoring students and their families.

We Provide…

  • Local, skilled tutors with experienced supervision.
  • Expertise matched to the student’s needs.
  • Individualized, differentiated lessons.
  • Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely (SMART) goals.
  • Collaboration and follow up with families.
  • Written feedback.
  • In-person meetings available.

You Provide…

  • A computer with internet access, a camera, and a microphone (headphones are recommended).
  • A quiet, distraction-free environment for the lesson.
  • A commitment to the agreed upon schedule, and payment method.

What if…

  • I need to cancel because my student is sick?
    We understand and require 4 hours notice to cancel the session with no charge.
  • We experience technical difficulties during the session?
    If you and/or your tutor experience technical difficulties you will only be charged for teachable lesson time.
  • I have questions about the session?
    Call or email your tutor for more information.

Call us now to enroll or find out more information,
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