Voice and Upper Airway Program at TLC

TLC’s qualified, experienced, and caring therapists and clinicians understand your unique needs.

We develop individual treatment plans that are designed to meet the needs of each individual to maximize development and independence with daily living skills. We treat both children and adults.

Symptoms of a Potential Voice Disorder Can Include:

-Rough, breathy, strained, strangled, or inconsistent vocal quality.
-Abnormally high or low pitch/loud or soft volume.
-Vocal fatigue or loss of voice after extended use.
-Frequent coughing or throat clearing.
-Pain while speaking or singing.
-Constant or periodic feeling of a lump in the throat.
-Episodes of breathing difficulties.
-Frequently running out of breath while speaking or singing.
-Voice-related gender dysphoria.
-Loss of vocal range in pitch or volume.

Our team of professionals will identify and customize solutions through individual therapies, utilize groups, when applicable, to meet the unique needs of the individual, and provide the highest quality evaluations.

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Here are what Parents/Families say about the TLC Speech-Language Pathology Program:

  • Our therapist was very kind and my daughter adored her and has shown improvement in her speech.
  • Our therapist did a great job engaging my son and eliciting language from him. She was so skilled at adapting the evaluation procedures to get the best from him.
  • Exceptionally courteous, warm, professional and friendly staff. Our clinician was wonderful, always available and willing to offer her professional advice.
  • Our therapist is wonderful with my son and with me. I enjoy working with her very much.