Occupational Therapy at TLC

TLC’s qualified, experienced, and caring therapists and clinicians understand your child’s unique needs.

We develop individual treatment plans that are designed to meet the needs of each child to maximize development and independence with daily living skills.

Occupational Therapy
improves life outcomes in:

Fine Motor Skills
Gross Motor Skills
Motor Planning/Praxis
Sensory Processing
Visual-Motor Skills/Handwriting

Our team of professionals will identify and customize solutions through individual therapies, utilize groups, when applicable, to meet the unique needs of the child, and provide the highest quality evaluations.

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Here are what Parents/Families say about the TLC Occupational Therapy Program:

  • 我很感激能找到你們所有人。
  • 我非常感謝我和兒子得到的出色照顧。它給我們的生活帶來了巨大的變化。
  • 沒有更好、更有經驗的工作人員。每個人都真正關心孩子,並努力確保每個孩子都成功。
  • 真的很喜歡和我們的治療師一起工作。她很聰明,切中要害。
  • 我們的治療師在評估我的兒子方面做得很好,並且有很大的能力讓他感到舒適。