Feeding Therapy

At TLC, our goal is to make mealtimes an enjoyable experience for families. Therapists work with children and their families to determine the cause of feeding challenges and to develop personalized plans to promote healthy eating habits.

TLC offers an interdisciplinary program that combines the resources of our outpatient speech-language and occupational therapy programs. TLC therapists are licensed with advanced degrees, and have extensive experience in their fields.

Why TLC Feeding Therapy?

  • Evaluations/Therapy
  • Child-focused and play-based intervention
  • Parent education and training
  • Individual and group treatment
  • SOS trained therapists

Diagnoses can include (but are not limited to) sensory and food aversions, failure to thrive, dysphagia, and oral motor difficulties.

Red Flags For Feeding Problems

  1. Challenging mealtimes
  2. Choking, gagging, coughing, vomiting during/after meals
  3. Refuses entire foods groups (e.g., meats, vegetables)
  4. Exhibits ongoing poor weight gain or weight loss
  5. Eats a limited range of foods, “picky eater”
  6. Has difficulty trying new foods
  7. Takes longer than 30 minutes to eat
  8. Has difficulty chewing foods

Downloadable “Feeding Therapy Tips” Parent Handout

If you are concerned about your child’s eating, please contact us to schedule an appointment: (301) 424-5200 x159 or speech@ttlc.org