KTS Lower and Middle School Programs

Students often lose skills over extended school breaks. To help your child avoid summer regression (including losing valuable academic, social-emotional, speech-language, and motor skills) enroll them in one or more of our specialized Summer Programs.

Several learning options are available to meet family needs, including half day and full day programs as well as extended morning and afternoon services (at an additional cost). We also offer supplemental occupational therapy (OT), Speech-Language Therapy (SLP) and/or social work (SW) services (at an additional cost). Admissions into our Summer Programs is based on review of enrollment application, review of the students file and a brief in-person visit.

Our Summer Programs

Learning Enrichment Program
Our Learning Enrichment Program, students entering grades 1 to 8 are actively engaged in hands-on, experiential theme-based activities designed to reinforce skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. Using innovative and structured opportunities for social engagement, the focus is placed on strengthening the students’ verbal and interactive skills with both peers and adults. Students may enroll in a half-day (9 a.m. – noon) or full-day (9 a.m. – 3 p.m.)
Afterschool Summer Program
Our Afterschool Summer Program is open to student of all abilities entering grades kindergarten to 8. Using a thematic approach, our daily sports and art activities are led by highly qualified staff.

Contact Dr. Nicole Abera with questions at (301) 738-9691 x205 or nabera@ttlc.org.