Help Others Hear

Imagine being a child in school and not being able to adequately hear teachers. Or being at work, hoping you can read lips in meetings. Or not hearing grandchildren giggling. At TLC’s Family Hearing Center, we understand that hearing is a necessity, not a luxury. Hearing aids are not covered by insurance like other critically needed medical devices. Medicare does not cover the cost of hearing aids, and most private insurance companies provide minimal, if any, coverage.
In 2008, we created Help Others Hear to provide new hearing aids to people who could not otherwise afford them.
Since the program’s inception, generous donors have given over $250,000 to change the lives of individuals in our community by giving them the gift of hearing. You can help change someone’s life with your most generous, tax-deductible donation to Help Others Hear.

Thank you for supporting TLC’s Help Others Hear Fund and giving the gift of hearing.